Meditative Audio Visual loops. Inspired by Mudras.

Mudras are a set of subtle physical movements that can change one's mood, attitude, or perspective. And which help to increase concentration and alertness. A mudra can be a simple hand position or it can encompass the entire body.

The series takes you through the three stages of healing, Shunya, Prana and Moksha.

Sound Design by drēokt

A descent. Shunya represents the feeling of emptiness and numbing pain, which is often a result of overstimulation and the problems of excess. Spiraling down the void, there are voices calling out for hope in a helpless loop.

An introspection. Prana represents the life force, and the breath that gives us the will to go on. Sometimes it comes with the melancholic realization that we are more than our one self. A union of the numerous streams that we embody. Still struggling to accept the many perspectives that make us human.

A release. Moksha represents enlightenment and the liberation of the soul as we finally move toward acceptance. With the suspension of our thoughts, we start to see clearer, and we let go. Finally falling out of the cycle of death and rebirth itself.


© Ninaad Kothawade 2022
Communication Designer, Artist