The challenge was to venture into uncharted technological territory, relinquishing some creative control and embracing AI as a collaborative force. The result is a series that breathes with life, suspended between the realms of nature and synthetic innovation.

The journey itself was a whirlwind, filled with equal parts excitement and chaos. In truth, it demanded more effort than if I had pursued the series without the aid of AI. Yet, therein lies the allure.

The boundless potential that such technology brings to the forefront, enabling us to revolutionize systems that have shaped our world for generations.

The dance between cordyceps and crystals for me is the fascinating juxtaposition of organic and artificial, fluid and geometric forms. The natural beauty of these elements distorted by mutations of technology.

The idea of letting go of some control and allowing a machine to iterate for you may seem inorganic and unnatural, but it also allows one to tap into different kinds of creativity that is beyond our own personal biases and limitations. It makes you a better listener and observer.

What's more human than the ability to see and hear?

When the skill of a machine becomes indistinguishable from the skill of a master craftsman, does it lead to devaluing of the craft itself?

Acutely aware of their existence, the oscillation between feeling human and yet knowing that they are not one.

Do human creations feel like a fabricated execution of our experiences?

Can the involvement of an unbiased digital consciousness actually help us bridge that gap or would it only increase it further?

The constant back and forth between striving for perfection and letting go of control was an exhaustive and frustrating experience.

When creating something with tech that's in its early stages, there just are too many unknowns and variables to contend with. The pace at which things evolve is unforgivable, leaving us with a sense of dissatisfaction and a constant desire for more..

So while we are constantly leaping into the future of everything that we're trying to do, it becomes important to pause, document and appreciate the broken and imperfect outputs of things that we do have in hand.


© Ninaad Kothawade 2022
Communication Designer, Artist