Both artworks interact in a way of a Cause-Effect relationship. They were created with the intent of being displayed in a Physical space next to one another. The idea is for the artworks to sync up and talk to each other.

So for the best experience, play them at the same time and see the anxieties unfold.


Enhance explores the access and excess of our times. A reference to a niche Blade Runner scene where Harrison Ford sits in front of a computer and commands it to enhance into a video footage, revealing details that are important to his task at hand and eventually leading down a path that makes him question his existence in a world that breathes technology.

Technology has allowed us to live as everything, everywhere all at once. The internet allows you to be anywhere you want, know anything you desire. Social media lets you gauge into anyone's lives, and artificial Intelligence lets us do things that were rendered unimaginable in the past. The creation and consumption of an infinite sum of data.

This artwork takes you through the many universes of an artist's mind as he attempts to catch up to the overwhelming amount of things in front of him that morph into one another, trying to make sense of the contrasting anxieties that these tools provide. Attempting to express and create in the little gaps, using his influences, and negotiating with the technology that stands with/against him. Technology that enhances our worldview in an expanding universe, only to make us feel smaller and smaller. A relationship that questions our role in the fabric of this matrix.


Consume explores the anxieties and conflicts that arise when technology and AI are used as tools in the creative process. The piece starts with a self-portrait and shows how these tools can potentially undermine the process and lead to a sense of decay and distortion.

It follows the artist as his creativity is affected by the interference of technology, his face stacking up with certain augmentations to the point of rendering him unrecognizable - a metal scrap. The piece loops back in differing iterations to the artist's original form, suggesting a loop in this creative process where you can see the technology as both a blessing and a burden, each time offering you a different perspective and a chance to find beauty in the midst of the chaos, observing evolution in the form of decay.

A symbiotic relationship birthing from the access/excess of our times.


© Ninaad Kothawade 2022
Communication Designer, Artist